Traveling searches

I had the pleaseure of flying during the week of Thanksgiving for a business trip to Deerfield, IL for a four day stint. I had been there for a day or so when I noticed this notice laying under the floor near my suitcase. Apparently TSA had determined that my clothes and bathroom things were suspicious and had to search them or else they have a quota on how many of these they have to insert, like Hare Krishnas. I thought it was an isolated incident until I found another one in my suitcase upoin opening it at home, this one much more apparent. I wonder what the criteria is to have to search the checked luggage, whether it’s a random sampling (eeney meeny for the TSA) or dependent on the dark spots in the bag from dense objects? I read here that fruitcakes are discouraged, which dashes any gift ideas I had this year. I was all prepared to ship fruitcakes via airplane to all my gift deserving homies, but I guess now I’ll just have to pass.