Beastie Boys lyric plugin

I made this a while ago, but I figured I would clean it up and post it to share, since I’m a giving guy. It just prints a random Beastie Boy lyric in a specified place on your template. I wish there were WordPress plugin API hooks involving the content in the sidebar. I wonder what the logic was there? I guess makes sense; why would you need dynamic content in a sidebar? Had to try and use my sarcasm markup trick, and BOY am I un-impressed. Maybe I’ll get better at posting in a sarcastic way. I’m sure I’ll try again after I do the take down of the x-mas style sheet and try to come up with a winter/spring one. My graphics skills are an easy target.

Download for the plugin is below, weee!

bblyricsgenerator1_1.tar.gz (tarred and gziped)

Updated 01/09/2005 23:16:
Thanks to Paul for pointing out that the sql file had not been updated to include the identity column and therefore doesn’t work when implemented. I have made a new tar with the correct SQL file and updated the version. Ssorry about that Paul.