It’s a sad happy day

Dylan just figured out for sure that he can scoot/army crawl. Our days of sitting idly by while he plays on the floor appear to be over for a while. Like years.? I guess that means quiet days no more.? On the bright side, maybe he’ll be mobile enough to help haul out trash when we start working on the other bathroom.

Google thinks Mexico doesn’t exist

I was playing around with Google Maps and I noticed that they show a big fat blank for Mexico. I’m think one of these has to apply:

  • There’s too much smog in Mexico for satellites to capture data
  • Google hates Mexicans
  • The US government doesn’t want people to think there are roads, rivers or parks in Mexico or else it might seem like too nice of a place to visit
  • Mexico hates Google


I wonder if this decade (whatever it’s called) will also be known as the decade of movie remakes?


I was coming back from a meeting at one of our other locations and decided to stop in at a local Randall’s (Safeway) to pick up some lunch on the way back to my home office. Randall’s usually has a nice deli where you can get a nice variety of hot food, so it’s a great place to go if you have no idea what you want.

As I walked up to the counter I noticed a really good looking pastrami and Swiss sandwich that I was pretty sure I wanted, which is when I noticed an order taker that had zeroed in on me and was walking over to get my order. Nothing too out of the ordinary about her really, except that she only had one arm. My thoughts raced, ranging from how can I politely ask some one else to help me, to maybe I should help her and finally I wonder how she’ll cut the sandwich, but in the end I ended up giving her my order. Due to the extenuating circumstances I was not too surprised that it took around 3 years to get my sandwich, but she had her back turned the entire time.

I would think half the fun in having a one armed sandwich maker would be entertainment in watching that sandwich get made. I’ll bet she’s come up with all sorts of new shortcuts that I never would have thought of, not missing an arm and all. Too bad really, I think I could benefit from some sandwich making innovation, since my technique has gotten pretty old and tired.

The other strange thing about my trip to Randall’s was a sacker asking me if I wanted some help out with my 7 items. Now I may not be in the best shape in the world, but I think I can handle the load pictured below. Maybe he only got a side view of me and thought I had only one arm.

huge shopping trip