Different color palette

I changed up the color palate and header image since the Wonder Bread once was starting to bore this shit out of me. I didn’t deviate from the Kubrick theme much though. I guess Kubrick was the last thing I needed to slip into design complacency.

The baby hot tub

Dylan wanted to hot tub it up at the hotel, but they wouldn’t let him in the big boy hot tub so we had to improvise.

The baby hot tub

When fatherless dreams come true…

I can only hope that the male birth control described in this article from How Stuff Works will be released soon. Somehow I think that putting men in charge of whether they have to dole out child support or not will greatly help out the fatherless pregnancies in the world. I could be wrong, since there are plenty of women in the world who have prescriptions for the pill and continue to either beat the odds or take them incorrectly.

I like how the article says that male birth control hasn’t been invented because of lack of interest and utter complexity of males. I guess it makes me proud to be so complex, but I’ve been looking/asking for this shit for years! Reading the article, it seems that roid rage might be a necessary side effect to controlling your breeding, so I’m not sure if it’s worth it. At any rate, it seems like an alternative to getting clipped after you’ve produced all the children you want to have; allowing you a second go-round should something go wrong.

What would be really cool is if the male version was 100% effective and women didn’t know it existed. It could be man’s little secret…

Baton Rouge trip, mileage information

At the end of the Baton Rouge trip the travel stats ended up like this:

  • Miles traveled: (288 * 2) + 70 = 646
  • Tank used: 1 and 1/10
  • Average MPG: Around 48
  • Tank size: 11.9 gallons

Go Prius!

The Potter book was great, but why couldn’t I have waited 2 years to read these?

I think my preference on serials is to watch them all at once, which is why I like Netflixing the DVD of series so much more than watching the show from week to week. I lose out on the water cooler conversation that way, but it’s seems worth it to me. If I watch/read it all at once then you fully realize how much time you are devoting to the endeavor, as opposed to try and track how long you spend watching a chapter a week.

I started reading the Harry Potter books just after the fourth book (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) was released and was very sad to hear that the rest of the series had not been written or released yet. I dutifully waited for the next two series installments to be released, pre-ordering them like a good fan boy. Now I’ve finished the sixth book (which leaves several unanswered questions, go figure) and can’t wait for the next installment. I’ve heard rumors that Rowling has already finished the seventh book so one would think the release should be in a timely fashion. Hopefully she doesn’t pull a Lucas-like dick move and decide to release in three years.

I really wish I had waited until all the books were finished before starting to read them, like I did with the Dune novels. I think the Potter books are a little more fun, though. They are definitely a little more common for people to have read, since the Dune novels get pretty painful after God Emperor of Dune; I never thought I would finish that series. I must have forgotten how painful it was to read, because I was thinking about re-reading it recently. I was looking to refresh myself on the story more than the accomplishment, but luckily for me I read the cliff notes on Wikipedia instead and remembered how disjointed the story was after the fourth book. I guess that can happen after 3000 years pass in a story. Time saved I guess; yay for me!

We made it!

We made it to Baton Rouge in a couple of hundred miles, using only half a tank of gas. Yay for us! On the way down we saw no less than 5 signs advertising for Joan Rivers at Lake Charles; too bad we have to miss that gem of a show.

We got a bottle of bourbon almost as soon as we showed up so it should be a lovely weekend. The whole weekend should be more about showing off the baby more than talking about our welfare; it seems people could give a shit how we are doing since the baby was born; we are just host entities. I imagine the Victoria trip in August will be about the same. Such is life; serves us right for breeding, I guess.

I should learn to put diapers on correctly

I got pooped on pretty bad the other day, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was much worse to take his diaper off and see poop squirt out of his butt like water from a geyser.

Changing out the poopy diaper the drippy diaper poop target