WordPress author crucified by blog commentors

Get your wooden cross and spikes out, drama queens!

Check out this link about some pseudo shady actions by WordPress author Matt. These flames are almost as bad as the civic club meeting attendees from the other night.

To be fair, the author does feel bad that Matt was on vacation at the time that his post/article was made. That makes everything okay, right?


Here’s some who at least has the balls to stick up for Matt, given his contributions and loads.

The civic club meeting from hell

I attended an impromptu civic club meeting last night, and had an interesting time. Now normally I am not a civic club type of guy (shocker), but I had received an email from our town crier that it would be a super important meeting that I would not want to miss. Turns out the meeting was put on by the Oak Forest civic club (which I am not a member of, living on the other side of 610, don’t tell) and the invited guests was the Houston Galveston Area Council. The HGAC was presenting a plan describing transportation projects for Harris and surrounding counties, which could possibly have included building a toll way through Oak Forest.

The meeting was held at my old high school, so it was a little strange to see an angry mob revolting in the same seats that I took the TAAS test in 12 years ago. I was surprised to discover that a staple resident of Oak Forest seems to be diesel lesbians, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Also surprising the residents of Oak Forest (including the lesbians) were not too thrilled about having a toll way running through their houses (see plan here) and over 500 people showed up for the meeting that was originally supposed to have less than 100. I didn’t think yet another tool road that dead ended at the loop was not such a great idea, since it would lighten traffic congestion 290 only and then leave the same (or more) traffic load on 610 and apparently the attendees of the meeting agreed with me, having much more of a vested interest than I did.

About 8 slides into the presentation Judge Robert Eckel’s assistant (I don’t remember his name) was affronted with catcall from the audience about how his slides sucked, his plan sucked and that he needed to speak in English (which he already was). I was shocked at how angry and violent the residents were, having never been to an event like that before. I was reminded of an 80’s movie where ‘the man’ (insert company name her) is tearing up the neighborhood to make way for ‘the plan’ (insert corporate atrocity here) and the residents aren’t going to take it. I was just waiting for some one to come up with a last ditch way to raise the money and the memory would have been complete.

After the presentation was over the floor was opened up for comments, and that was when things went really badly. It seems that the residents of Oak Forest were not too comfortable with coming to the front of the auditorium, so they just cat called questions from their seats, but they decided to do it all at once. It was at this point that the head of the civic club come to the front (he must have been told that would be more effective) and presented his opinions, which were very well worded. After that was over I took that opportunity to leave, since I figured the opinions would be down hill from there. All in all it was an interesting meeting and I found out that the toll way that everyone was there to ‘stop’ had been rescinded anyway, go figure.

SQL Re-indexing/defrag

I took the code from this post by Tara Duggan which does either a DBCC REINDEX or a DBCC INDEXDEFRAG, depending on the parameters. The original intent of this was as a work around to the maintenance plan ‘Optimixations’ which seem to wrap all index rebuilding in a great big transaction. For large databases the mainenance plan would error if the log could not keep up with the plan, and log backups were not possible.

Code below; formatting is kind of off.


Having all that code in the post was pretty annoying. Link to the code here

Laredo trip documentation

Nick, Ben and I went on a border trip over the weekend and had a pretty good time. The best ‘mexico moment’ had to be during a taxi ride back across the border when we were driving down a back road and saw a police car parked on the side of the road, at which point the driver flagged us down. He wanted us to use the taxi to push his car so he could jump it. I guess the city of Nuevo Laredo can’t afford AAA for their boys in blue.

Pictures below.

Mexico trip

I blew it on the flickr link, fixed now.

The media filters at work, as reported on the Daily Show

Hard to tell whether this is a red or blue bias. For simplicity’s sake, it’s lucky we can summarize all opinions down to only two sides.

Unfortunately it doesn’t leave much room for those who want less government, fewer taxes AND think incorporating organized religion into government is a crock of shit.

Check out the picture of this angry arguer

Angry mobsters

NPH, you are the coolest

Kottke credits Neil Patrick Harris (of TV’s Doogie Howser, M.D.) with the beginning stages of blogging here.

Not only does NPH deserve credit for the first generation of weblogs but he’s also a very underrated comedic actor, as shown in both Undercover Brother and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. There is nothing like seeing a former child actor that has the balls to poke fun at himself and do it in a super funny way. Granted, both movies did poorly at the box office but he still deserves HUGE props for playing the roles nicely. There are some movies that are made okay solely on the basis of a few roles in the movie, Anchorman and Napoleon Dynamite come directly to mind.

Flickr stuff

I’ve been trying to use Flickr for my photos for the past week or so, to see what all the hype is about. The feature I like the best is that you can add meta data to the pictures (or at least the flash representation of it), since it allows you to complete the story or the picture. I don’t really take advantage of the ‘community’ that Flickr is supposed to offer, but that’s not really a surprise. I am still not a huge fan of letting someone else hold all the pictures, but they do offer a way (although cumbersome) to download your pictures if you want to move on. I guess you could write a script to do it, but they should offer the ability to download them by albums (or sets I guess) instead of individually. Maybe I just haven’t found the way to do that yet, but I shall overcome.