Baby Cat is not all that smart, but at least she can track

Baby Cat is our resident pet; Brandy has had her for around five years of so. For several reasons, I’ve been trying to convince her to disappear the cat with no luck. Instead of thinking of clever ways to rig up an accident I figured I could at least have some fun with her quaint habits. I hate being the guy who turns into a cat blogger, but she’s so stupid that I had to share it. The link is to a series of pictures of her dumb ass, us the navigation arrows to see the entire series.

baby cat is stupid

The Wonder Bread theme!

I finished up the Wonder Bread theme tonight. I thought it would be kind of funny, but I didn’t see the point of posting the link with the files since it was hardly re-usable and pretty generic. I don’t know why I like to play with corporate logos so much. I did manage to conform to the default WordPress theme layout, so it should be easier to skin later on.

Speaking of Kubrick, I saw this post on the WordPress creator’s site about an interesting approach to de-Kubrick your default WordPress look and feel a little bit with this tool. Not a bad way to make blogging easy and still maintain a little bit of newness and individuality.

Gallery new features, RSS feed

I upgraded the Gallery package that we use for sharing photos and found that it has a new RSS feed feature, which is pretty exciting. One of the biggest complaints I have received about the photos is that I have to manually instruct people after new photos are uploaded. Hopefully this will fix that problem (now I just have to manually instruct people how to use an RSS aggregator), though I have yet to upload new photos to view the results, so it may require a little tweaking.

Gallery RSS feed

An Alias influenced dream

Alias was on last night, which has some pretty kung-fuey moves on it. I guess this affected my dreaming because I had a dream where I was being held up at gun point. Imagine my surprise when I acquired enough sensei skills to karate kick the gun out of my assailant’s hand! It was at this point in time that I woke up and found that I had actually karate kicked my blankets off, and woke Brandy up (this is not a shocker, she’s a pretty light sleeper). When she asked me what was wrong, I just told her I was disarming an assailant and went back to sleep. No biggie, happens all the time.

The coolest baby clothes ever, but the lamest bed stuff

Brandy found these baby clothes that help parents express funny ideas as if they were the baby’s joke. Very clever. I think that this is my favorite one, definitely a must-have for any new parents.

Most people don’t think about how lame baby things are, but when you start looking for clothes for your new child that don’t scream ‘beat the shit out of me’ you find that most baby clothes are indeed lame. The worst part is looking for bedding in their room. It’s like every designer in the world found the most country patterns (pastels only please) they could find, and/or gay little animals, and the put some denim or rope around it and called it done. We have yet to find a single set of bed things that come in a _solid_ color! If you think I’m lying, look for yourself and prove me wrong, I would love that.

Music metadata problems never end

I spent an embarrassingly large part of my weekend updating the ID3 tags on the music collection we have accumulated over the years. We have ripped an obscene amount of music, totaling over 17 gigs. The sucky thing about that is most of the songs have little or no metadata attached to them, so when you try to play them in one of the mainstream players you end up listening to a whole mess of songs labeled ‘track1’ or ‘untitled’. I started the task of labeling all the songs a few months ago, using a program called tag that I found on a Google search a while back. I recently went searching for an updated version, but I have yet to find this program again (so sad). Anyway, this app can write to the ID3 tags using the file name, which I had meticulously labeled using a ‘artist (yeah right) – album – track – song title’ format for the past three years since I have so much of a life. After I wrote the tags I had to go through all the files and correct the mistakes I made during the re-labeling that got written to the tags. After that debacle I then imported them into your favorite media manager, and then edited the genres. Now I just have to put in the year produced and I will be finished, until I decide that I need to have some other super important fact while listening to ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

Will it ever end?

New Front door and a little reptile friend

I finally got around to replacing the front door today. We purchased a new door back in December and I’ve been painting it for the last few months (I’m really slow). Anyway, I cut the door out and then put the new door in the new space (with a lot of Paul’s help). I forgot to ask Paul to help me move the old door out of the hallway so it’s still there, and will be until I get a non-pregnant person to help me move it to the truck bed, and I noticed a little firend that had gotten trapped in the door god- knows how long ago.

Say hello to my little, dead, retillian friend

Debbie Downer and the whammy noise

A while ago I made a post that mentioned a skit on Saturday Night Live, and since the I’ve had a few hits from search engines looking for Debbie Downer noise. I felt bad because I didn’t have a link to the noise of the file itself so I did a bit of searching. Brandy did find a link to this cool Price is Right noise during the search that she had been making for the last week or so.

In the end we couldn’t find a noise, so I created one instead. The link is here for all those looking to for this oh-so-great sound. Now if it were me I would prefer to have the god machine noise from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. There’s nothing funnier than watching Steven Colbert hit that button, especially when he misses it and doesn’t skip a beat!